My first real blog


This is my first blog and as yet I am a little unsure of what to write. I guess I’ll start with a bit about me.
I am a 50+ mum of two grown girls that I bought up alone (divorce). I have always been into crafts and like to crochet blankets and make cards. In 2003 after a lot of problems I was told by my DR that I have MS. A bit of a shock but it made sense considering all my symptoms. I hit a depression and was assigned a social worker. As well as getting the adaptations to my home she also suggested I turn back to art as a therapy, I have never looked back. These days I am hooked on art journaling and it really helps. I also dabble in scrap-booking and ATC cards.
I belong to Lifebook 2015 and have done this for 3 years (inc this year). Here is an  example.